Toy automatic painting machine Introduction

The toy automatic painting machine produced by us has three characteristics: high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, which not only meets the requirements of high efficiency, but also achieves energy saving, environmental protection so as to maintain the strategy of stable and sustainable development. This machine is not only small in size and occupies little space, but also has such automatic functions as automatic painting, automatic module changing, and automatic module cleaning, which has greatly reduced labor and increased production efficiency。

High Efficiency:Its super-strong mechanical automation (automatic painting, automatic module changing, automatic module cleaning, etc.) replaces complicated manual operation, thus making the efficiency upgraded exponentially and the product yield higher than that of the manual mold-covered painting。

Energy Saving:The machine has many automatic functions, but its maximum power is less than 1 KW, and can lower raw material consumption, save a great deal of energy。

Environmental Protection:The environmental problem is of the first importance for China and even the world; it affects the health of the current generation as well as the growth of younger generations。

At present, most of toy companies mainly adopt the traditional manual mold-covered painting; in the painting mode, operator's working environment is very poor; in the process of painting, lots of paint dust is easily produced and fills the air without timely treatment, which will result in great harm to physical health of operators and severe pollution of the environment human lives on. The toy automatic painting machine produced by us has solved these problems so as to meet the requirements for environmental protection. The machine has a circulating water system in it, which can dispose of some paint dust in the paint room in time; the paint room is equipped with security doors, protective windows and dust cover, which can effectively prevent paint dust from leaking, so that operators' health can be protected and the environment will not be polluted。

After many years of research, we have developed multiple generations of toy automatic painting machines; currently, a variety of styles have been went on sale, such as T6-120180”, “T7-120180”, “T8-120180”,“T9-120180”, etc。